About Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is really an amazing project I liked the most because it is compatible with my spirit of hosting people around the world. I came to know about this service via our national daily "Kantipur". It happened during the month of February, there was a gathering with my best friends of college, Rabin and Shiva. We had selected our common interested place Bhrikuti Mandav for the get-together. We three occupied a table and ordered three cups of lemon tea. We waited for the tea to be ready talking about our currents news things. Suddenly my eye caught a sight of Nepali national daily, "Kantipur". I just skimmed the pages one by one. I got stopped when my eyes caught the special page of the newspaper where there was detailed information about a web site. While talking with my friend I read all the information about that website. The web site is "www.couchsurfing.org". The liked the spirit of that website and immediately thought of becoming a general member of this project. It was the day of 2th February 2011. When our gathering was over I straightforwardly approached at my home. I just visited the page and filled the required information to become a member of it. Since then I am continuing updating my profile and activates through this site.

This project is one of the best project through which we can share culture, language, feelings, way of life of the people around the world by providing couch to them. I love hosting people from other countries during they stay in Nepal. I have seen lots of people who have already been member of couch surfing. This is will be such an outstanding experience when my dream of hosting people comes true. I think people who come at my home will be inspiring, loving and much more. The idea of living with local people is such a great things. It has lots of advantages to the guests, first they don't have to search costly hotels, they don't have to scare with strangers, they do lots of things in few costs, they save their money, they will understand local people, culture, language, and their life styles by being directly touch with them. No doubts I will make it possible for you. … the world is really getting smaller…just surf and live with us.